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New Patients

Please request a new patient registration form  by calling the surgery on 01534 723892 or by email to

We offer all new patients a basic new patient health check.  The new patient check includes:

  • Height & weight

  • Blood pressure

  • Listening to your heart and lungs

  • Urine check

  • Review of your past medical history

  • Review of your family medical history.


Tourists and Short Term Visitors are welcome to attend the practice and will be charged our standard private consultation charges.  These are usually eligible for refund by your health insurer, and receipts will be provided.

New Patient Registration Forms

Once we have registered you on our system, we will send you a Welcome to our Practice text, that will allow you to book an appointment.

We are experiencing a large volume of new Registrations so please expect it to take a few days to be processed. It is unlikely that we can see you the same day that you call to register.

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