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Short Term Visitors from the UK/Abroad

Should you need to see a GP whilst on holiday in Jersey or here on a short stay, you are welcome to register with Lido Medical Practice as a "Visitor". The usual cost of a consultation is £70. Additional services undertaken in the consultation such as a blood test, injection or dressing will attract additional charges to the consultation fee. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card and a receipt will be provided, if required, for your insurance company. There is a pharmacy in the building for collection of any prescription medicines that the doctor might advise.

Most travel insurance policies will cover the cost of seeing a GP if you are taken ill whilst on holiday. This is obviously subject to the terms and conditions of your individual policy.

Short term visitors from the UK are not currently eligible for free healthcare (other than solely within the Accident & Emergency Department for emergencies only) and should ensure their holiday travel insurance covers the cost of treatment and repatriation if required.


Please click this link to access States of Jersey Advice on Healthcare for Visitors from the UK and other countries.

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