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New Permanent Residents

GP Surgeries are all private in Jersey, and the surgery charges the patient a fee per visit. The States of Jersey operates a government subsidised health system for holders of a Health Card.  The government pays a rebate for part of the cost of each consultation, and the patient pays the remainder of the fee directly to the GP surgery for each visit.  There are no fixed fees, and surgeries are free to set their own rates.


If you have come from the UK, you will need to pay all of the GPs fees and prescription costs for your first 6 months in Jersey until you have a Health Card. Jersey has an agreement with France, and if moving to Jersey from France you are immediately entitled to a Health Card.


Please click this link to go to the States of Jersey Health webpage giving advice on Doctors Fees, Prescriptions and Health Cards.


On arrival in Jersey you need to register at the Social Security Department. UK residents are not eligible for a Health Card until 6 months after they have registered with Social Security. Please click this link for further information on the address and opening hours of the Social Security Department.


Prescriptions for medications on the States of Jersey Approved List are free once you hold a Health Card. Most, but not all, of the regularly prescribed medications in the UK are on the approved list. If you require a medication not on the approved list you will need to pay the full market price of the medication at the chemist, via a private prescription from your doctor.

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